Meet Albert Boufarah

Albert Boufarah was born in Freehold, New Jersey and has built his life and livelihood right here in the Garden State. For twenty years, Albert’s company SAMR Inc. has helped reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste. With a background in waste management and a familiarity with the recovery process of precious metals from electronic devices, Albert has turned SAMR Inc. into an industry leader in electronics recycling. His passion for sustainability and hard work, along with his awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility has helped Albert become a role model to both his employees as well as his own family.

Along with his dedication to his company and his career, Albert remains fully committed to making quality time for his family. Despite being a CEO and a true self-starter, a part of what makes Albert successful is his ability to enjoy the little things in life. Giving himself this space and time away from the office is a key reason for his continued success in the professional world.

As a CEO, Albert understands how vital it is to continue to learn and remain passionate about his work. He looks forward to putting in the work that will help SAMR Inc. continue to grow in the future, all the while remaining dedicated to his family and taking the time to enjoy the life he has built.