Albert Boufarah

CEO of SAMR Inc. | Lakewood, NJ

Meet the CEO of SAMR, Inc.

Albert Boufarah

Born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey, Albert Boufarah has always had a desire to be his own boss, forcing himself to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship at an early age. When he was younger, Albert owned a waste management company as well as a tree removal company. Working in these industries enlightened Albert as to how many precious metals in used electronics he was being asked to dispose of—as well as their immense value. 

About 20 years ago, Albert started SAMR Inc. with only a few employees and quickly grew the business to the point that a much larger warehouse was needed.  The industry of electronic waste recycling has been growing rapidly, SAMR Inc. offers a wide variety of recycling arrangements for municipalities, counties, medical offices, schools, and businesses of all sizes.


Computer & Electronic Recycling Done The Right Way

For the past 20 years, SAMR Inc. has provided premier end-to-end computer and electronics recycling solutions to customers throughout the United States. The company offers a wide range of services, including computer recycling, electronics recycling pick-up services, drop-off container programs, secure data destruction, and asset management solutions. Moreover, SAMR Inc. is one of the few electronics recycling companies that can securely disassemble electronics, which is why so many high-profile clients trust them, from businesses to hospitals and government entities.

Recently voted the “#1 E-Waste Recycle Business in the Tri-State Area,” SAMR Inc. founder & President Albert Boufarah has succeeded in creating a one-stop recycling solution for electronic devices through hard work and dedication. The company’s mission to recycle products without compromising client privacy and minimizing the impact on the environment has remained at the core of the business since being founded. Today, Boufarah frequently refers to this mission to assist with strategic decision-making and growing the company to new heights.

Under Boufarah’s expert leadership, SAMR Inc. has perfected its processes for collecting and recycling out-dated technology. In addition to their state-of-the-art facility in Lakewood, New Jersey, he makes sure his employees receive regular training on new and improved procedures. However, the company’s commitment to industry standards is not the only reason clients choose SAMR Inc. for their recycling needs. SAMR Inc. also prides itself on its data security and unrivaled logistics.

With computer hacking and identity theft at an all-time high, customers want to know they are handing over their electronics to a trusted source. Fortunately, SAMR Inc. guarantees that all personal information gets erased during the recyclingprocess with no possibility of ever being recovered. With more than 150 trucks and trailers at their disposal, SAMR Inc. picks up their customers’ equipment and transports it to their safe recycling facility. At this point, all hard drives and media are wiped clean or physically destroyed to ensure the utmost protection. Ultimately, SAMR Inc.’s positive reputation and loyal clientele are evidence of their exceptional performance and customer service.


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When I was younger, I worked for my own waste management company. While there, I started noticing all the old electronics that people were disposing of and not realizing that these electronics were filled with precious metals. 

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