Albert Boufarah

CEO of SAMR Inc. | Lakewood, NJ

Meet the CEO of SAMR, Inc.

Albert Boufarah

Born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey, Albert Boufarah has always had a desire to be his own boss, forcing himself to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship at an early age. When he was younger, Albert owned a waste management company as well as a tree removal company. Working in these industries enlightened Albert as to how many precious metals in used electronics he was being asked to dispose of—as well as their immense value. 

About 20 years ago, Albert started SAMR Inc. with only a few employees and quickly grew the business to the point that a much larger warehouse was needed.  The industry of electronic waste recycling has been growing rapidly, SAMR Inc. offers a wide variety of recycling arrangements for municipalities, counties, medical offices, schools, and businesses of all sizes.


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When I was younger, I worked for my own waste management company. While there, I started noticing all the old electronics that people were disposing of and not realizing that these electronics were filled with precious metals. 

The idea for SAMR Inc. was borne out of my experience, which instilled sustainability and environmental responsibility into my mind from a young age. Having been introduced to waste management, I became familiar …

 President and CEO of SAMR Inc. Albert Boufarah, the leading recycler of electronic scrap and information technology asset disposition (ITAD) in the United State, has recently announced …